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Windsor Office
Belle River Office
3300 Marentette Ave, Windsor
24 Hour Towing
1208 Myers Rd, Belle River
24 Hour Towing
Towing Open 24/7
Light and Medium Duty Towing

Light and Medium Duty Towing Services

With a large fleet and an experienced team, we are here when you need us.  We offer fast and friendly service at competitive rates.

Questions about our services?  Our 24 hour centralized dispatch would be happy to answer any questions that you might have, so call us now at 519-250-2049!

Light Duty Towing

Accidents, Breakdowns & Emergency Roadside Services

  • Basic Towing (Flatbed and Wrecker Services)
  • Boosts / Jump Starts
  • Lockouts / Door unlocks
  • Motorcycles
  • Underground parking removal
  • Accident towing and recovery
Cross Border Canada and USA

Cross Border (USA/Canada) Towing

  • Broken down in the USA and need to get your vehicle back to Canada?
  • American vehicle broken down in Canada and need to get home to the USA?
  • Assistance with importing/exporting vehicles and equipment
Light Duty Towing

Exotic Cars and Specialized Services

  • Low clearance vehicles
  • Toolbox moves
  • Tarp transportation / enclosed vehicle transport services available
  • Undecking (transferring vehicles and/or freight from a trailer)
  • Decking (transferring vehicles and/or freight onto a trailer)

Help us serve you better!

In order to ensure fast and efficient service, we need to send the right equipment for the job to the right place.  Here are some tips to help you get the best experience:

  • If you are leaving the vehicle, try whenever possible to leave the keys. Just be sure to let us know where they are
  • Give us all the information we need:
    • Exact Location: Address, cross streets, landmarks, mile markers on the highways, etc
    • Make/Model of the vehicle and anything that can help us spot the vehicle (e.g. name on the side, etc)
    • Details on what is wrong with the vehicle
    • Information regarding the urgency, is the vehicle blocking the road, etc
    • Is the vehicle loaded? If so, approximate weight of the load
Light Duty Towing

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